Wanted: Staff Writers and Contributors!

My name is Brett Neff, and I am the founder of Neff Solar.

If you are a writer or producer for a major technology related media outlet (or know someone looking for an inside scoop), and would like to write a story about solar charging, I want to hear from you!

Send an email to press@neffsolar.com with your information including the name of the outlet you write for, and any details you have available on readership, and the interests of your audience.

Why should you reach out to me?

Do you remember a while back when flat panel TV's were all $5,000 and then Visio came out with $1500 plasma and LCD TV's?  Have you noticed that solar chargers still cost essentially the same as they did in 2012, even though solar panel costs have been falling for several years?  The Solar Charger industry is ripe for the same kind of cost disruption, and with your help, I can bring the cost WAY down for consumers, and bring you lots of attention in the process.  I'll even help you advertise on Facebook to extend your reach.

There are even lots of new products that are really great, but sure enough every one seems to have a cost of $150 to $200.  When will someone actually make a really effective charger that's WAY cheaper than that?  Well that's exactly what we aim to do.

Our master plan is to release our first product at a very low price, and then increase our scale, and bring the value of solar charging to an even broader market.  Contact me if you'd love to see a world where everyone carries a solar charger around, and solar panels are integrated, or easily attached to all sorts of products such as bikes, backpacks, laptop bags, camp chairs, strollers, and even umbrellas.  Contact me if you would like to see free charging everywhere that there is currently free wifi.

So many cool things are possible with your help!  Please let me know how I can inspire your readers to join our movement!

Brett Neff
Founder - Neff Solar

News about Neff Solar or the Photon5:
Dennis Crawford (former Radio Personality) Photon5 Review
"Comes with a stand, easy to setup (30 seconds!) just point it at the sun, connect your charger, and your device will start to charge! SO SIMPLE!!!! Product was sent in exchange for an honest review -- I can't say enough about it. It's a fantastic product that works great. Perfect for the beach or pool -- no battery packs, no AC cords.... just sun and charge!!!"

Amazon Review from Mathew Dowd
"Excellent way to keep your phone charged while at the campsite or on the beach. I was able to charge my Nexus 5x from 23% to 50% in a couple hours of full sun. Great addition to the camping gear. You can also secure it to a backpack using the included elastic band. The stand is a nice touch allowing you to hold the panel at an angle facing the sun"