Why Solar Device Charging?

You have experienced it...  we all have... you're out somewhere and your phone is about to die...

What do You do?

Do you send a mass text to everyone you know letting them know you're about to be off the grid?!

Or just hope that no one needs you urgently in the next few hours until you can get to a charger?

If you've been there, then you can understand why we set out to find a way to solve this problem - with solar!


Do We Really Need Solar, Though?

Oh yeah.  Here's why:

Solar connects you to a free, unlimited source of energy.  No monthly utility subscription fees, no payments at the pump, just clean, electric nectar from the sun.  Wouldn't it be great if everything could charge directly from the sun?  Wouldn't it be great if you could access that electricity on the go, even when you're far away from outlets?

I mean, there is really no reason why any location that offers free wifi can't also offer free solar charging.  But have you ever seen a solar charger that you can plug into at the coffee shop, restaurant, or mall?  Why are there not solar chargers installed in every patio table in every restaurant, bistro, and coffee shop in the country?!

Why can't you charge your phone while your car is parked without draining your car battery or wasting gas?

What if I'd rather swipe on the porch or by the pool than at an outlet inside?

We know it won't be easy, but we're on a mission to answer all of these questions and more!


Most Importantly

We believe that solar charging can and should be accessible to everyone! 


How do we do that?

In order to bring solar chargers to everyone we know, we started with off the shelf components assembled as simply as possible.  By avoiding any custom built components, and focusing on quality high-power solar panels that ACTUALLY charge your device, we're able to keep the price low while not sacrificing watts or durability.  We also focus heavily on making them simple to use so you can easily charge your devices anywhere you go.


We think the industry has a lot to learn!

We see crummy products flooding the market every day, and ridiculous prices that defeat the purpose of owning your power source.  We strive to lead the market in quality, innovation, and accessibility, and we want to spread the message to everyone who owns a phone, tablet or USB compatible device - not just avid campers and outdoorsmen.

We hope you love our products!  Let us know how we can make solar right for you!